Holiday Candy... Alternatives

Holiday Candy.jpg

Which do you think has more chemicals in it? A cleaning cart or your child’s Easter basket? 
A little extreme, sure, but hopefully it gets you to stop and think for a minute. 

These bright and fun colored Easter candies are full of artificial flavoring and synthetic dyes which wage war against every part of the human body. They also have enough preservatives in them to last years on a shelf and cause health problems for an entire army, let alone a single child. 
There are so many detrimental effects that come from the consumption of these types of ingredients, it should honestly be illegal to put them in items geared towards children. 

Please don’t hide behind the fact that it’s a holiday/special occasion or because you don’t want to be an “unfun” parent. My kids are the most even-keel happiest kids ever, and they’ve never partaken in treats with these types of ingredients in them. And if you ask them they’ll tell ya, they haven’t missed a thing! We participate in egg hunts and have all the fun in the world, but the buck stops there, and our candy exchange begins: coins, toys, healthy candy alternatives, family-fun coupons and more.

Choosing to be healthy is about education and not just for you as the parent, your kids need to be involved too. We started educating our kids about ingredients very early on, so it doesn’t just fall on us to say “no.” They know what to look for and what to ask. 

Health food stores and places online carry plenty of “healthier” alternatives. Just be sure to check your ingredient labels, no matter what/where you buy. 

There’s no better time to start than the present, make a new Easter candy tradition and don’t look back🌱 

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