Take Off Your Shoes: Grounding

2 Grounding.jpg

When weather, work, school or life circumstances keep you from “grounding/earthing” via walking barefoot outside in the great outdoors, find balance by using the next best thing, an Earthing Mat! 

It’s fantastic for: circulation, natural energy, neutralizing free radicals, electrosensitivity, chronic pain, improving sleep, circadian rhythm, inflammation, healing, happiness . . . I could go on.
I compare it to the well-being feeling I get walking barefoot on the beach. 

The ball of the foot is one of the most potent conductivity points on your body. 
And for the most part everyone has it covered and laced up All Day Long. Then, once we get home, the challenge continues because wood, tile, carpet, and vinyl are all poor conductors which restrict electrons from passing through, therefore grounding cannot occur once again. 

A body that is constantly positively charged leads way for disease patterns to form. Therefore, grounding with a neutralizing negative charge from the earth is a must. 

So take off your shoes and get outside, or try the next best thing: take off your shoes, plug in your earthing mat and pretend you’re surrounded by the best natural conductor on earth, Salt Water.