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What's your Urine saying about your hydration? 
Here's your Monday morning reminder: Drink Your Water! And check the color chart to see how you're doing with water consumption. 

Around our house we yell, "WATER BREAK!" And everyone has to stop whatever they are doing and drink water. Try it, kids catch on fast. 

*Scroll down the page to read my extensive post on the ins and outs of water. A long, but, must-read.*

Here's the important part: 
Pay attention to the color of your urine, even collect it in a cup every now and then, which will provide a true color. This is an easy way to keep track of hydration levels for kids and adults alike. Dehydration is the beginning stages of disease. The body cannot be healthy without water, it can cope, but not without an array of side effects to follow. 

Drink approximately half your body weight in ounces of water daily to avoid dehydration of the cells. 

Water Break!!!

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