Over 500+ Chemicals in Your Morning Routine

500 Chemicals before leaving.jpg

It may seem overwhelming to try and eliminate toxic ingredients found in personal hygiene and beauty products, but think about how overwhelmed the Liver is trying to detox them out of the body - Every Single Day! 
And don’t be fooled into thinking the Liver completes the job all in a day’s work, or even weeks. It’s forced to store excessive toxins for years and years, which ages the body beyond comprehension. Liver function effects the ENTIRE body, and I see the outward appearance of weakened states early on, via the face, the iris, and the nails. Women, men and children alike. Chemical exposure effects everyone! 

My advice is to work on eliminating negative ingredients from the products used most often. Deodorant, perfume, makeup, hair products and then move on from there. For budgetary reasons some may have to start slow, understandable, but just start!

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