Face, Tongue, & Nail

Is your face trying to tell you something? 

Instead of reaching for a stronger moisturizer or resorting to Botox or a facelift - see a Naturopath like myself who can help you find the corresponding organ or body system that is showing signs of weakness. You can then supplement to clear and cleanse the stagnation. 
For an example, this gentleman in the picture has an "eleven" between his eyes, this means the Liver Needs Attention. And the deeper the grooves the more severe the problem. Developing lines, moles, spots, discoloration, etc. on the face in specific locations may be your earliest sign of a weakness settling in. Pay attention or more symptoms will follow, which may lead straight to disease. 

My training in FTN diagnostics (face, tongue, nail) is favored in my practice. The findings are always spot on and help me to see a bigger picture. 
Come see me and learn what these ancient modalities are trying to tell you. 

Your face is a road map, therefore you must pay attention to the signs you are given along the way.

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