👁🔍Iridology, the study of the iris, is not a treatment, but an analytical tool to determine the state of an individual’s health. The iris contains thousands of nerve endings, blood vessels and tissues, which are directly connected to organs and tissues in the body. Through the various nerve reflexes, the state of every part of the body is reflected in the iris. Therefore, a change in an organ manifests itself with a corresponding change in the iris. 
The level of degenerative weakness in the body is determined by the color depth of the fibers in that region. As the body heals, the fibers strengthen, reversing the appearance of said degeneration. 
A mind blowing transformation! 

👁🔍Iridology is just one of the amazing modalities I use in my practice to help guide and prioritize the path I take with each individual I see. I uncover many levels of strengths or weaknesses, the results of healthy or unhealthy living on the organs. 

👁🔍Another intriguing aspect of iridology is the four main eye types: Polyglandular, Connective, Anxiety Titanic, and Neurogenic. It’s fascinating when I hand people their eye type card (which explains personality, tendencies and potentials), how spot on it is! And that’s just the eye, I’ve still got the tongue, face, and nails to go!

👁🔍The iris gives amazing insight! It’s a God given “window” into the body - no more, no less - with no need for big machines, blood, urine or saliva; just me and the iris, with my high-mag lens and light. 

Message me or call the office for an appointment and let’s see where your iris is leading us.