Meridian Stress Analysis

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For those of you I see in my practice, you already know one of my favorite modalities is the MSA (Meridian Stress Analysis) technology. I use this machine for each person at each appointment. My findings are incredible, and the help it provides in locating true “cause and effect” within the body is incomparable. 
Sadly, on a daily basis, my testing is finding electrosensitivity overwhelming and damaging cells in the body, adults and children alike, leaving their cells in a vulnerable and weakened state. 
However, because the situation is occurring at such a sub-metabolic level, it may take years of this type of damage to cells, molecules and tissue before the problem is even noticed. Therefore the early detection I am able to provide to this geopathic stress is, in essence, saving lives via quality and symptomology. But it doesn’t stop there. We have to start protecting the body.

So, I introduce to you Safe Connect Microchips,,
our product of choice to protect us from electromagnetic/radiation frequencies. Quality we count on. And their “Deal of the Day” specials help make the cost easy to budget for. 
I love partnering with companies who have solid products. I hear all the time how hard it is to choose item “x” when there are so many out there. 
For that reason, when I find a product I can attach my name to, I either stock it at the office or find the simplest method for you to get it yourself.

Here are some reasons WHY we need to protect not only the brain, but the entire body.

For the most part, the damage from EMF’s manifest as symptoms:
These symptoms are generally treated by various medical professionals to obtain some sort of relief for the problem. 
When the symptoms have a “bandaid” you move on until more symptoms arise.

It doesn’t stop at symptoms. Sure having the phone smacked up against the cheek/ear/brain is a major draw for abnormal cells to form, but even when you’re NOT using the phone and other WiFi devices they are STILL emitting nonstop radiation. Where you keep these devices matter: pant pockets, bras, belt clips, night stand, in your/the kids room, smart meters on the home... the closer in proximity the worst.

STOP the madness, there’s a cause and effect for everything. Pay attention to warning signs, stop treating symptoms, and get to the cause. Don’t settle, for health-sake.

The latest technology available to us may be wonderful, but it will NEVER be 100% safe. 
From cell phones, iPads, computers, smart meters, power-lines, fit-bits, Apple watches, baby monitors, electrical animal fence/unit, microwaves and all WiFi devices . . . they all emit dangerous frequencies and the increased exposure we have to all of these different types of EMF’s/radiation, which are cumulative, are generating more damage than they are worth. 
We have to protect ourselves and most importantly our kids (especially babies, who’s skulls haven’t fully formed together) from these overwhelming negative frequencies bombarding us.

We have Safe Connect protective microchips on all of our WiFi devices, routers, microwave (which we don’t personally use), refrigerator, etc. in the home and office. {Side Note: The Smart Meter on our electric box was REMOVED via the power company - and I advise you to get it off your house too!}
We also have a whole house protector plug which absorbs run-off radiation, WiFi, and electrical frequencies up to 2000 square feet. Overprotected? Nope, they even have body shields such as necklaces, keychains and more. It’s better to be overly protected than the alternative.

Whether or not you know it, you could be suffering from damaging side affects of electrosensitivity. Protect yourself and your family now, don’t wait until you’re having a symptom.

This is nothing to mess around with. Come see me and we’ll make sure geopathic stressors are not being stored in Your body!

Protect Your Earth Suit . . . It’s the only one God gave you™


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