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Reflexology is the practice of reflecting a map of the body on the feet and hands. These corresponding locations found on the feet and hands are then used by applying alternating pressure and specific techniques to positively affect various organs and parts of the body by creating balance. 

Reflexology balances the nervous system by stimulating the nerve endings of the feet, which connect with the spinal nerves and their corresponding organs. It works with the circulatory system, breaking up congestion and deposits in the feet, which in turn help detoxify the body.  

In my office I will use reflexology rollers to achieve these results. If there are any areas of tenderness/soreness on the feet as you use the reflex rollers, I will point out which areas of the body these correspond to on my reflexology charts and pay close attention moving forward. 

I will also teach you how this method can be done on your own and the benefits of using essential oils on these locations. 

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