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Urine and saliva Do Not Lie. They represent what is taking place within the electro-biochemical structure of the human body. Urine and saliva analysis is extremely valuable as it reveals intricate cause-and-effect patterns of an individual’s lifestyle. 

The seven-part test I conduct in the office on urine and saliva will reveal severe dysfunction or the need for a minor tune-up. Either way, a personalized program is created, unique to the level of interpreted ionic energy needs i.e. remineralization. 

One component of my findings is the pH of both urine and saliva. The potential hydrogen levels in the body defines the workings of All Digestive Processes. How acidic or alkaline these excretions are determines absorption of foods and the environment of the stomach, intestines, and colon.

Remineralizing the body with specific nutrients has the ability to reverse dysfunctional patterns and, when correctly applied, offers the highest potential for perfect health. 

Making one aware of dysfunction in the body through the means of these results, brings awareness for the need of present and future lifestyle modifications. 

Call or message us today and let’s correct dysfunction now; so disease doesn’t show up later.

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