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Happy healthy greetings,

My name is Dr. Suzanna Underwood and my husband and I have a private practice in Murfreesboro, TN, called Protect Your Earth Suit. 

In our practice, I see babies to seniors and use an array of holistic modalities to find imbalances and deficiencies in the body. I exclusively use traditional medicine to address physical and emotional needs which naturally encourage the body to return to balance. This approach brings along relief from many ailments that may appear unrelated but, in reality, are directly correlated. 

As a Traditional Naturopath I do not diagnose or treat disease, nor do I believe in quick fixes or miracle pills. I simply uncover root issues and prioritize the areas of the body which need the most attention. All therapies I offer can be used complementary with modern medical care and will not interfere with doctor’s diagnosis, treatments or recommended medications.

It’s often the choices we make each day that have the biggest impact on our present and future health. Choosing to consistently participate in a healthy lifestyle allows for a healthier, longer quality of life. 

My years of medical experience are as follows:

•Home Health nurse 1995-1998

•Nursing Degree obtained, practicing in nursing home, doctors’ offices and hospital (cardiac nurse) 2000-2008

•Changed medical approach, back to school - Master Herbalist 2009-2015

•More schooling - Doctor of Naturopathy 2015 - Present